At Petite Playhouse Creative Learning Center in Philadelphia, our Toddler Program caters to children aged 17 to 24 months, offering a nurturing and explorative environment that balances independence with the warmth and affection essential for their developing minds.

In our Toddler Program, we prioritize fostering healthy self-awareness and social skills, ensuring that your child receives ample love and cuddles. Our dedicated teachers focus on language development, laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of reading. Through engaging story sessions in both large and small group settings, our toddlers are encouraged to converse, building essential conversational skills while gaining confidence in their emerging gross motor abilities.

Our program goes beyond language skills, actively promoting cognitive development for color, letter, and number recognition. Social skills, including manners, respect, and positive interaction, are cultivated to create a well-rounded learning experience. Toddlers are introduced to routines, toilet training (when ready), and learning opportunities integrated into their action-packed daily activities.

We invite you to explore our Toddler Program at Petite Playhouse to discover why our approach is the perfect choice for your toddler’s developmental journey.

Applications for the 2024 school year will be available by January 30, 2024.

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