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A Diverse and Inclusive Community

Welcome to Petite Playhouse, your premier choice for daycare in Philadelphia! Our specialized curriculum is designed to foster the growth of your child’s self-esteem, independence, confidence, responsibility, and respect for others. Experience top-notch child care and education within a secure and engaging environment. Discover the best daycare in Philadelphia at Petite Playhouse, where your child’s development is our top priority.

At Petite Playhouse, we exist to forge a path that leads to a brighter future for all children. We accomplish this by striving to deliver the best and most trusted early education and care for children and families across Philadelphia. By delivering high-quality early learning experiences that lead to the right foundation for continual learning in life, we partner with families to give children in Philadelphia a chance to shine.

An Enriched Educational Experience

Petite Playhouse offer a variety of special programs to enrich the educational experience of children and provide additional services or activities beyond the standard curriculum. These special programs can cater to specific interests, developmental needs, or additional support.

Petite Playhouse Creative Learning Center

Special Programming:

  • Enrichment Programs
    Foreign Language Classes: Introducing children to basic vocabulary or immersion programs in a foreign language.
    Music and Movement: Incorporating music, dance, or movement classes to enhance creativity and physical development.
    Art Workshops: Providing art sessions to encourage creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills.
  • Academic Enhancement
    STEM Programs: Offering science, technology, engineering, and math activities to introduce young children to these concepts in a playful manner.
    Literacy and Reading Programs: Focusing on early literacy skills, reading readiness, and storytelling sessions.
    Math Readiness: Activities to develop basic mathematical concepts through games, puzzles, and interactive activities.
  • Special Needs Support
    Inclusive Programs: Offering specialized support for children with learning differences or developmental delays through tailored activities and individualized attention.
    Therapeutic Programs: Providing speech therapy, occupational therapy, or other therapeutic interventions within the daycare/preschool setting.
  • Health and Fitness
    Nutrition Education: Teaching children about healthy eating habits and involving them in simple cooking or gardening activities.
    Yoga or Mindfulness: Introducing relaxation techniques, yoga, or mindfulness activities for children to manage stress and enhance focus.
  • Parent Involvement
    Workshops and Seminars: Hosting sessions for parents on child development, behavior management, or other relevant topics.
    Parent-Teacher Interaction: Facilitating regular meetings or events to encourage communication between parents and teachers.
  • Seasonal or Special Events
    Holiday Celebrations: Organizing events or themed activities around holidays and cultural celebrations.
    Field Trips: Arranging educational outings to museums, zoos, farms, or other educational venues.
  • Extracurricular Activities
    Sports Programs: Offering introductory sports activities or physical education sessions.
    Drama or Theater: Providing opportunities for dramatic play, storytelling, or simple theater activities.

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My daughter started here a few months ago and the progress she's made with petite playhouse is simply amazing not only is the staff good at what they do my daughter loves it there they also keep you up to date about the activities their engaging in in real time I'd definitely recommend

from Google Reviews

My daughter started when they first opened at 3 y/o. She was apart of the first graduating class. Whenever we ride past she says “there go my daycare” she talks about the staff and how she misses them all the time. Overall this is an awesome place to send your child, they will learn a lot, have fun, be celebrated in every way and cry when you come to pick them up lol.

from Google Reviews


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