Petite Playhouse Creative Learning Center, located in Philadelphia, offers an academic, nurturing, and secure environment tailored for our youngest learners. Serving infants aged 6 weeks through 16 months, our center extends a home-like atmosphere to foster a strong foundation.

At Petite Playhouse, we recognize the critical importance of building a trusting relationship between caregivers and infants. This foundation is crucial for optimal brain development within appropriate timeframes. Our dedicated infant teachers prioritize meeting each child’s unique needs while nurturing the growth of cognitive, language, and social skills.

We understand that infants require sufficient time to develop the necessary muscle strength for gross motor skills, and thus, our program incorporates engaging activities such as tummy time. Our teachers maintain consistent communication with infants throughout the day, fostering language development through interactive story sessions.

No cry goes unnoticed at Petite Playhouse. Our teachers are trained to recognize and respond to infant communication signals, incorporating the use of infant sign language to enhance communication.

The heart of our program at Petite Playhouse is the partnership between families and our learning center—a space where natural learning and development thrive. We value this collaboration immensely, conducting parent-teacher conferences three times a year to ensure transparent communication and support. With the infant brain undergoing rapid development, choosing the right program is paramount. We invite you to visit Petite Playhouse Creative Learning Center and discover why we are the optimal choice to kickstart your child’s early learning journey.

Applications for the 2024 school year will be available by January 30, 2024.

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